Me with my favorite subjects to photograph- my daughter & son.

(Thank you to Ashley Jennings Photography for capturing)

Hi, I'm Brooke...

When my oldest child was born I was struck by how fast time went and how quickly she began to change.  Our photos of her, and of our growing family became invaluable.  Around her first birthday, I started out my own journey with photography, and eventually that grew from taking photos of my sweet babies to taking photos of other families and their sweet babies and now- capturing all sorts of life events, from weddings to family reunions to births!

I consider it an honor and a privilege each and every time I'm booked by a client- to be invited to capture your family is a blessing!  I truly believe in capturing real, honest moments and working with each client's individual needs for their session.   

I strive to provide quality work at affordable rates, and donate many sessions through the year to those in ministry or who could may not otherwise afford their event to be captured professionally. 

Drop me a line, let's talk about your vision for your photos.